Wow, look at this blog. 2 years I didn't update it and now is 2013. Okay, I have to do something about it. So many things had happened to me. Where should I begin?



Holystix band

This is my band for 2010. I joined this band because they need a drummer. Actually, this was the band which brought me to the world of music. At that time, I have to learn all the basic about drums because I have no knowledge about drum.
The band members :-
Amir Hakim - Vocalist & Guitarist
Amirul Shaari - Guitarist
Tengku Faris - Bassist & Guitarist
Shaffrul Adli (me) - Drummer & Percussionist

Battle of the band 2010

Daniel Lim - he provide the drum

Lugwig drum kit

We are performing She's a Genius & Hero Heroine

The teachers became the judges

Tengku reheasing before battle
This was my first ever joining the battle of the band competition. At that time, I'm still a beginner drummer. So, I didn't suprise to get second last in the competition. Now, for the next battle of the band competition, I now know how to handle in this situation. Don't worry, next time I will have my chances( I hope).

My drum kit 2011

My Dixon bongo

My drum kit 2011

Dixon Hi-hat stand & Taye double pedal
I am very grateful to able to get a double pedal. That is my dream. Now I can play all kind of genre songs.

My drum kit 2010

This is me and my dad

This is me and my younger brother with his new guitar set

This my drum kit for 2010. My father bought it for me as a present for my birthday. Thanks to him I finally have my own drum kit. Now I can jam all day. I`m so happy but the best part is my jamming room is not sound-proof. So, all the neighbours can hear me and my brother jam. How evil of me.